50th Anniversary of FGYO - Celebration in Serbia

Interlocuteur de l’action
Organisation de l’interlocuteur:
Youth Initiative for Human Rights
Journée d‘action

YIHR Serbia will organize ceremony for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of FGYO in order to promote intercultural cooperation and exchange programs among young people from the Western Balkans and to connect these programs with FGYO programs with third countries from South-East Europe. YIHR will organize one-day event that will gather diplomats from French and German Embassies in Serbia and participants of different FGYO programs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia as well as young people that participated in similar exchange programs throughout the Balkans. YIHR will also present 20-minute movie "Personal Maps" that follows the stories of young people from former Yugoslavia that visited other countries in the region and their impressions after participation in exchange programs. Parallel to this participants of two FGYO programs: Youth Academy for Dialogue and Cooperation and War Crimes and Trials will speak of significance of these programs for the Balkans young people. After introduction part in which ambassadors and Serbian state officials will speak and presentation of FGYO programs in South-East Europe, YIHR will organize public debate in which activists from the Western Balkans will discuss the importance of similar programs in the countries of former Yugoslavia. Event will be public and media will be invited to come and report about it. 
Entire event will be inspired by 50th Anniversary of FGYO and meetings that with help of FGYO were organized with the president of Croatia, Mr. Ivo Josipovic. This will be advocacy action for stronger support to FGYO programs in South-East Europe and establishment of similar program in the Balkans. 

Date de l'action

18 juin 2013 - 17:00

Fin de l‘action

18 juin 2013

Lieu/Adresse de l‘action

To be confirmed
11000 Belgrade

Possibilité de contact pour les personnes intéressées

Jasmina Lazovic, YIHR cordinator of War Crimes and Trials project, will be in charge: jasmina@yihr.org and +38163215577 / +381113035145