"...need HAND for PEACE"

Interlocuteur de l’action
Organisation de l’interlocuteur:
IPAK-Youth builds the future
Journée d‘action

30 young people from Tuzla through performance will promote peace and cooperation in the world through a historical example of building peace between France and Germany.The specific objective is to show not to be a slave to the myths of the past, even when they are historically based.The performance is supported by a musical-dramatic work whose action takes place during the war between France and Germany in Paris and Berlin.Besides the role of Adenauer and de Gaulle the performance coverage cultural and historical heritage of France and Germany, which stands out in the cast of the Eiffel Tower and the Brandenburg Gate.During the performance classical works by famous German and French composers will be performed.At the end of the performance, Adenauer and De Gaulle approached one another and enter into a ceasefire, the actors who were separated and who perform classical compositions come together and begin to play the anthem for world peace.In addition, electronic postcards with the theme:18 years after the Second World War was signed Elysee Treaty,18 years after the war in Bosnia,it's time for reconciliation in the western Balkan! will be sent to all partners in France, Germany,etc

Date de l'action

07 juin 2013 - 12:00

Lieu/Adresse de l‘action

Trg slobode bb
TRG Slobode
75000 Tuzla

Possibilité de contact pour les personnes intéressées

The performance is open to young people who are interested to participate. Contact: 0038735299027